"The Mind and Money Mentors" We teach you how to line up your money and your mind to achieve optimal success.

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Dr. Karen Deadwyler CEO-The Mind

  • I’m Dr. Karen Deadwyler, the mind of Design for Success. I am the life-coach with over 10 years experience in mentoring, motivational and inspirational speaking, and Pastoring. In addition to that I am a self-published author, radio personality and last but not least a nurse with over 35 years of experience. My skills and practice makes me well equipped to restore, refresh, revive and inspire your mind (thoughts, emotions and intellect) which can change your life. My goal is to empower you so that you will be able to walk in the spirit of excellence as you obtain optimal levels of success in all areas of your life. My passion in life is to help you acquire and maintain your ultimate dream and vision with superior success.

Larry Haber Co-founder- The Money

  • I'm Larry Haber, the business half of Design for Success. I've consulted with countless businesses over a 40+ year career. From Sharper Image to JP Morgan/Chase to turnaround, troubled companies. I'm proud to say I was able to help Island Group's founder Chris Blackwell secure funding which he in turn used to finance U2's Joshua Tree album and Spike Lee's 1st feature film "She's Gotta Have It". Now my passion is working with up and coming businesswomen and men to give you the best shot at succeeding and turning your passion into success. I can't wait to meet with you and get your business to the next level.

Enjoying Life and doing business at West Point

We are The Mind and Money GameChangers.

  • We are a unique brand that believes in creating financial and mental success and living free enough to enjoy it. We have a multiplicity of services that will give you financial freedom, a piece of mind and inspire you to want to do more in life. Nothing is as great as seeing yourself walking in your destiny. We desire to inspire you to the point that your dreams becomes a reality because you have persevered and accomplished it.  Are you ready to get started? What's stopping you from moving forward? Whatever it is we can help you overcome it... But you have to Make the commitment to give us a call.


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We are the Mind and Money Specialist

We are a unique brand and blended company established on integrity and successful wisdom. It is not only our business but it's our lifestyle and we desire to share our wisdom and experience with all who are 


And of course if you are reading this that would be YOU!!!


New York, New York, United States

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Why Use Us


Design For Success Your mind and money mentors... 

What does success mean to you? Money? Independence? More time with family? Piece of mind? Positive thinking and compassion towards yourself and others? You are the only one who can decide what your success will be. 

So then where do we, Karen and Larry come in? Well, we have decades of experience helping people become not just better business men and women, but better men and women in general. 

Dr. Karen is your spirit and mind coach helping you to overcome the fear and anxiety that destroy so many business people's chances of spiritual happiness and yes, financial success moving you towards positive thoughts and behaviors that will not only enrich your bank accounts, but also your life and all those your life touches. 

While Larry is the business mentor, helping you avoid the pitfalls that destroy businesses old and new as well as helping you to create and execute an amazing business plan to give you the greatest chance of financial success and independence. 

We're here for you whether you'd like to work with us at our upcoming events where we'll cover the best way to get your mind and business healthy and strong or you'd prefer a more one on one interaction where we can spend quality time alone with you creating a business plan customized for your business and goals. 

It's time to invest in yourself and start designing your own version of success. We'd love to help.

Our Upcoming Events

Design for Success Power Workshop 2018

Purpose and Description of Design for Success Workshop

To design you for Success by using our mutual passions and experience to teach and train those who desire to go to the next level and dimension in life and business.  

To restore or maintain your enthusiasm for life and a greater lifestyle by showing you how to be financially free and happy in whatever state you’re in. 

To leave an impact on your life corporately and individual that will bring you into the knowledge of who you are. Sitting with us and having true conversations of thoughts, doubts and errors as we put you on the ROAD TO A GREATER SUCCESS. 

Put you on a path to permanence; not only to make you more satisfying but to also make you more money too.

Date for Power Workshop TBA

More Information and Registration Coming Soon...

Testimonials from Design for Success Boot Camp 2018


Our First Design for Success Boot Camp went exceptionally well and many were inspired, empowered and encouraged by the wisdom and knowledge that was given. Here are just a few reviews and testimonials:

I attended “The Mind of a CEO” module. The information provided was an invaluable Holistic approach in tapping into your mindset, desire, and goal toward your dream of self-employment or leadership, providing simple steps to help begin the process.

Karen M Carter

Mortgage Consultant 

CEO Phenomenal Women

If I had to describe in one word my experience in the Design for Success Boot Camp, It would be “priceless. The education that I have received is life-changing. Dr.  Karen Deadwyler and Larry Haber were extraordinary life coaches/mentors. The skills that I have learned has given me a whole new perspective of who I am and the things that I will be able to accomplish, not only as an Entrepreneur, but it also has helped me on a personal level. I am excited and look forward to putting into practice the tools that the Design for Success Boot Camp has given me.

Pastor Joyous Montgomery

Manager Fed-Ex

This boot camp was awesome. I received a lot of spiritual as well as financial teaching in this class. One of the many things that I’ve learned in this class by Pastor Karen Deadwyler was that in order to be successful in any area of your life it’s starts with your mind. You have to develop a healthy mind-set first before you can do anything else. Larry dealt with the financial aspect of this class and advised that we have to take responsibility when it comes to our finances. We have to first see where we are in our finances and by doing that we have to fill out a spreadsheet that has your income, assets, and liability on them.

This class has definitely been an eye opener for me, so now I am currently working on my spiritual man (my relationship with God and my mind) as well as my natural man (my finances). In this class it teaches you that it doesn’t matter where you are mentally or financially but it does matter and make a difference for you to be ready to change your situation for the better. I would recommend this boot camp to anyone because it definitely changed my life. I now look at things from a different perspective and it makes a difference. Next stop homeownership stay tuned………

Marlena Denise Purcell

Accounts Receivable Associate


Design For Success Boot Camp 2018

My review of this course in a word is “Life-Changing!” If you want a TRUE blend of spiritual and financial success, I encourage you to take all five modules! The value is in the result! You’re short-changing yourself by doing less. Each week Pastor Karen and Larry challenged and took us places deep within ourselves, yet ensured our dignity and self-worth remained intact. I felt renewed and re-energized after every session. I was also forced to identify and acknowledge the root of my business insecurities, my own personal blocks to financial success and the spiritual path to overcome and fulfill my financial goals. We explored the root cause and consequences of our everyday financial decisions and how identify and regain control and take financial accountability of our daily decisions. These were explored and explained that went deep, but kept our dignity intact. This course was truly a blessing and I thank God, Pastor Karen and Larry for the guidance, encouragement and faith in my ability to move forward. 

Kimberly Williams

Franchise Owner

Cruise Planners


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We will be offering a 10% Discount to All New Clients that desire to have a Business, Financial, Mentor or Life-Coach Consultation. 

When you call make sure you ask for the discount that you saw on our website. 

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We will be having a Design for Success Power Workshop Coming Soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just want Life-Coaching or a Financial Mentor?

You can choose whichever you desire. 

You can choose the Mind or the Money  Mentor or Both...

What else do you do or what other services are available through your business?

We also have a multiplicity of  skills such as but not limited to;

Business Plans, Financial Turnarounds, Financial Advisor, Life-Coaching in all areas of Life, How to Write or Publish a Book, Event Organizing etc...